"Biology easily has 500 years of exciting problems to work on." - Donald E. Knuth

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Welcome to Bioinformatics

What is Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics is broadly defined as the application of computers for solving information problems in the life sciences.

Bioinformatics is commonly associated with the creation and maintenance of databases for the vast amount of information coming from laboratories, for example nucleic acid and protein sequence data. However, bioinformatics involves many more challenges. Complex tasks include analysis of sequence information, three-dimensional structure prediction and modelling of biomolecules, examination of evolutionary relationships and biological systems, processing and analysis of biomedical images, visualization, disease research and many more.

Biology provides a computer scientist with a range of extremely interesting and very challenging problems. In bioinformatics, numerous computer science techniques ranging from applied mathematics and statistics to dynamic programming and artificial intelligence are incorporated in the development of novel algorithms.


"PDB 1a31 - Molecule of the month" - Topoisomerase