Jana Jana Sperschneider

I received my PhD in 2012 from the The University of Western Australia. I was part of the Bioinformatics Research Group in the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

I am now a Postdoctoral Fellow in CSIRO Plant Industry. I work on the comparative analysis of pathogenomic datasets. In particular, I investigate if there are infection strategies common to a diverse range of pathogens attacking the same host plant.

My research interests are the relationships between macromolecule structure and function. In particular, I am interested in computational methods for RNA structure prediction, including pseudoknots, and in non-coding RNA analysis. I also have a strong interest in the algorithmic development of tools for analysing -omics datasets.

[Short CV]


Molecular Plant Pathology and Crop Genomics Laboratory
Centre for Environment and Life Sciences
Floreat, WA 6014
Perth, Australia